Premiere DateApr 18, 2016
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00:00 Introducing PUP
02:04 DVP PUP
04:33 If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will PUP
06:53 Mic Break
07:16 Interview with guitarist Steve Sladkowski from PUP
27:21 Mic Break
28:00 Outro
28:44 Guilt Trip PUP
32:04 Reservoir PUP
35:21 Mabu PUP
37:30 Never Try PUP
41:16 Yukon PUP
46:42 Dark Days PUP
50:09 Lionheart PUP
52:50 Cul de-Sac - PUP
56:12 Back Against The Wall PUP
58:39 Factories PUP
63:09 Finish

Yay, you’re back! Welcome to BTRtoday’s Discovery Corner podcast brought to you by, Levi’s.

This week we discover the magnificent sound of PUP, the Toronto based pop-punk band!

Don’t let their name fool you. Although nothing but puppies seem to appear when you Google the word “PUP,” search “PUP band” and you’ll find hardcore punks, intimidating mosh pits, and pop punk tunes that’ll make you want to rage until your heart can’t take it anymore.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Faist

Their songs like, “DVP,” or their latest “If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will” make you think that the pups in PUP are the types of punks that throw shows where audience members leave with a missing tooth or a black-eye. Yet, their Canadian side shines through when you meet them, because they are nothing but a bunch of sweethearts.

Pup’s guitarist, Steve Sladkowski, tells BTRtoday that though their shows are never lacking in the punk rock essentials like mosh pits and sweaty dudes in studded leather jackets, they are ultimately dedicated to presenting a type of punk show that is all inclusive and fun for everyone.

Photo courtesy of Killian Young

“We try to create a safe atmosphere, but people should still be able to get out a little pent up energy,” Sladkowski conveys. “We want people to have a good time and to rock out.”

Their newest album, “The Dream Is Over” comes out next month–it’s filled with hard and fast sounds, including the raw singles “DVP” and “If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will.” Make sure to check out all their social media outlets, including Bandcamp and Facebook!

Album artwork courtesy of the band

Catch them and all their rowdiness at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg June 25th!
Tune in to the podcast to listen to their latest singles, self-titled album, and an exclusive interview with Sladkowski, himself.

And don’t forget to check out the Discovery Artist feature on PUP!

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