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Premiere DateDec 22, 2014
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00:00 Intro
01:21 "Murcielago" Porter
05:55 "M Bosque" Porter
11:45 "Huitzil" Porter
15:44 "La China" Porter
21:28 Mic Break
21:48 Interview with Victor Valverde
43:43 Mic Break
44:21 "Rincon Yucateco" Porter
48:43 "Huracancun" Porter
54:02 "Tzunami" Porter
58:58 "Palapa" Porter
64:44 Finish

Photo courtesy of Porter

Hello and welcome to Discovery Corner on BTR! This week on the show I’m featuring the Mexican rock group Porter. Hailing from Guadalajara, they formed in 2004 and soon one of the most important Mexican bands of all time. Their success eventually took them to the states, where they opened for the Strokes and played sets at festivals like Coachella. After a rocky couple of years and breakup, the band reformed with a new vocalist and released Moctezuma earlier this year.

I got a chance to talk with founding member and guitar player Victor Valverde about his experiences in the band. He shares with us his love for the roots of his country, the excitement of rising to fame, and the tribulations and healing that result from losing a member.

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Photo Courtesy of Porter

Zach Schepis worked at BTR from 2013-2017 as an intern, staff writer, podcast producer, and Editor-in-Chief for BTRread.