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Premiere DateDec 29, 2014
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00:00 Intro
00:59 "Small Town Lights" The Patti Fiasco
06:27 "Shake" The Patti Fiasco
11:01 "Elvis" The Patti Fiasco
14:43 "Light" The Patti Fiasco
19:01 Mic Break
19:20 Interview with Alysia Kraft from The Patti Fiasco
36:54 Mic Break
37:35 "Losing Game" The Patti Fiasco
41:28 "Bless My Heart" The Patti Fiasco
45:55 "Crocodile Tears" The Patti Fiasco
50:36 "Chicken Song" The Patti Fiasco
54:43 "Go Easy" The Patti Fiasco
59:11 Finish

Photo courtesy of The Patti Fiasco

Hello and welcome to Discovery Corner on BTR! This week on the show I’m featuring the wild and rompin’ rockers The Patti Fiasco. Conceived at a Wyoming open mic in 2008, the band has quickly earned critical acclaim. They have a strong fan base in the West, radio play across the country, and they’ve shared the stage with the likes of Ben Harper and The Black Lillies. Earlier this year they released a new album, Small Town Lights.

Courtesy of the band

Today I speak with Alysia Kraft, the songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist of The Patti Fiasco. She shares what her experience has been like growing up in small town America, bustin’ out with her guitar, meeting the talented musicians in her band, and taking Americana by the roots.

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Upcoming Tour Dates

02/13/15 – Hodi’s Half Note, Fort Collins, CO

Courtesy of the Band

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