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Premiere DateDec 8, 2014
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00:00 DJ Schep Ramblings
01:37 Cool Runnings Tashaki Miyaki
04:10 There Was A Light Tashaki Miyaki
07:55 Somethin is Better then Nothin Tashaki Miyaki
10:42 Happiness Tashaki Miyaki
15:04 Mic Break
15:26 Interview with "Lucy" from Tashaki Miyaki
43:13 Mic Break
44:00 Get it Right Tashaki Miyaki
47:55 Heartbeat Tashaki Miyaki
51:18 Somethin is Better then Nothin (alt version) Tashaki Miyaki
54:00 Keep Me in Mind
57:22 Finish

Hello and welcome to Discovery Corner on BTR! This week on the show I’m featuring the LA-trio Tashaki Miyaki, a dreamy psychedelic lo-fi experience brought to you by Lucy (drums), Rocky (guitar), and Dora (bass).

All Photos Courtesy of the Band

I got a chance to talk with principal songwriter and drummer Lucy. She shares some of her experiences writing music for the band, why it’s so hard to find a good drummer, anonymity, and driving across the UK with Norman Cook. But enough words, tune in to hear songs from Tashaki Miyaki’s 2014 EP Cool Runnings along with tracks from their self titled EP.

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Upcoming Tour Dates

12/9/14 – The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA
12/10/14 – Brick & Mortar Music Hall, San Francisco, CA

Zach Schepis worked at BTR from 2013-2017 as an intern, staff writer, podcast producer, and Editor-in-Chief for BTRread.