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Premiere DateOct 27, 2014
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00:00 DJ Jordan Ramblings
02:22 Sucka Free Drift
05:04 Bad Drift
07:45 Tell Her (Kiyana) Drift
10:20 Mic Break
10:51 Interview with Drift
32:32 Mic Break
33:42 Wish U Would Drift
36:56 Best 4 U Drift
40:32 Say Dat Drift
45:10 2 Girls Drift
48:25 Finish

This week on the show I’m featuring the East Orange, NJ-based rapper Drift! He is a prime DJ Wayne Ski pick and so I knew I’d be getting a thoughtful and nuanced guy to work with. Drift is just that and more, as he spoke with me at length about the violence in his songs and how he felt he was able to transfer violence around him growing up into music. The songs I’ll be playing are from The Precursor mixtape which will be followed by his LP The Monarch, which by the way, is a real-life testimony of being a descendant or royalty in Ghana, where his parents are from. Like I said, he’s a nuanced guy. We discussed the difference between fictional and real life violence, the struggles of growing up as a first generation kid, and being a man of royalty. Bow down to King Drift, everybody.

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