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Premiere DateSep 1, 2014
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00:00 DJ Jordan Ramblings
02:31 For You I Would Die Rob Drabkin
06:46 Little Steps Rob Drabkin
09:59 Stay (The Morning Light Fades) Rob Drabkin
15:38 Mic Break
16:01 Interview with Rob Drabkin
39:59 Mic Break
40:56 A Bird Lost Rob Drabkin
44:19 Don't Worry About Me Rob Drabkin
48:42 Feeling Good Again Rob Drabkin
52:08 Finish

Photo courtesy of Lucia de Giovanni

This week on the show I’m featuring a DJ Laura pick, Rob Drabkin of Denver, CO! He is another installment of my collaboration with Laura entitled “Charismatic Singer-Songwriters with Curly Hair.” He has been well-received in the jam/festival community ever since he put out a live album in which he covered all of Paul Simon’s Graceland, a daring and noble undertaking. His most recent release was 2013’s Little Steps which I will be playing but the kid has promised us a new album by the end of the year. I caught him via Skype while he was in the mountains of Winter Park, CO just doing a little writing and we discussed his mountainous creative process, his rocket to stardom, and the semiotics of his video for “Don’t Worry About Me”!

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Upcoming Tour Dates

September 7 2014- Coors Field @ 2nd Annual Yoga Day- Denver, CO
September 11 2014- The Bing Lounge- Portland, OR
September 12 2014- KPND 95.3 FM- Sandpoint, ID
September 13 2014- Pend d’Oreille Winery- Sandpoint, ID
September 19 2014- Mishawaka Amphitheater- Bellevue, CO
September 21 2014- Fall Fest- Boulder, CO
September 26 2014- Riverwalk Center- Breckenridge, CO
September 27 2014- Oktoberfest, Denver, CO
October 2 2014- Posner Center- Denver, CO

Photo courtesy of Kit Chalberg Photography