Discovery Corner on BTR

Premiere DateMay 26, 2014
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00:00 DJ Jordan Ramblings
02:56 The Vampire What Moon Things
08:32 The Astronaut What Moon Things
12:07 Doesn't Make Much Sense What Moon Things
14:54 Mic Break
15:30 Interview with Jake and John of What Moon Things
40:28 Mic Break
42:04 Staring at the Radio What Moon Things
46:51 Moon Things What Moon Things
48:20 Vampir What Moon Things
51:29 Sun, Where's The Fire What Moon Things
55:20 Finish

Photo courtesy of Adam Adams

This week on Discovery Corner I’m featuring the New Paltz, NY shoegaze-y locals What Moon Things. New Paltz, for those of you longtime listeners who know, is my alma mater! The band features members from New Paltz basement favorites Nelsonvillains and Year On a Mountain as well as the bassist of the late Albany game changers, Aficionado. Having said that, they are starting something completely new from their prior engagements. They will be releasing their self-titled debut LP next week on Hot Grits Records based in Athens, GA, so this playlist is comprised solely of tracks from that. I spoke to lead singer Jake Harms and drummer/singer John Morisi about possible scouting locations for their new home, why they don’t aim to be your “college experience,” and Jake’s injured hand and what it does for him with the ladies. This is gonna be a good ‘un!


Upcoming Tour Dates

May 30 2014- BSP Lounge- Kingston, NY
May 31 2014- Suburbia- Brooklyn, NY
June 4 2014- The Cave- Chapel Hill, NC
June 5 2014- The Jinx- Savannah, GA
June 6 2014- The Flicker Bar- Athens, GA
June 8 2014- The Forge- Birmingham, AL
June 9 2014- Euclid Records- New Orleans, LA
June 14 2014- Ryebrew- Philadelphia, PA
June 17 2014- The Woodlands Tavern- Columbus, OH
June 18 2014- Annabel’s- Akron, OH
June 19 2014- 16 Walnut- Binghamton, NY
June 20 2014- Community School of Music and Art- Ithaca, NY
June 21 2014- Deer Hill- Cornwall, NY
June 24 2014- Oasis- New Paltz, NY
June 25 2014- AS220- Providence, RI
June 27 2014- The UAG- Albany, NY
June 28 2014- Dong Island- Uniondale, NY
July 10 2014- The Batcave- Montclair, NJ

Photo courtesy of Moonchild Mazzella