Discovery Corner on BTR

Premiere DateApr 28, 2014
Categories Media Music
00:00 Intro
02:25 Free Your Mind Inusa Dawuda
05:37 Rain or Shine Inusa Dawuda
09:13 Phonk Afrique Inusa Dawuda
14:07 DJ Jordan Mic Break
14:35 Interview with Inusa Dawuda
37:14 DJ Jordan Mic Break
38:24 You Are The Only One Inusa Dawuda
43:06 Real Life Inusa Dawuda
46:56 Get Crazy Inusa Dawuda feat. STJ and Maureen Sky Jones
51:37 Finish

This week on the show I’m featuring the electro-funk sensation Inusa Dawuda! He hails from Hamburg, Germany though originally from Ghana, West Africa. He’s been rocking the saxophone for what seems like forever and he tells me his “sound” evolved from a spot-on James Brown impression he used to do. I’ll be playing songs from his last released LP Pharaoh Style and assorted singles. Inusa and I discussed his father’s career aspirations for him, his early days as an amateur boxer and how that influenced his stage presence. Let’s get ready to rumble!


Upcoming Tour Dates

April 30 2014- Weinland Waterfront- Hamburg, DE