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Premiere DateApr 21, 2014
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00:00 DJ Jordan Intro
02:38 Once Upon a Heist Vagabond Swing
09:59 Drop Trou Vagabond Swing
14:44 DJ Jordan Mic Break
15:10 Interview with Roy Durand of Vagabond Swing
39:19 DJ Jordan Mic Break
40:38 The Great Trick Vagabond Swing
47:25 Soundtrack to an Untimely Death Movement 2 Vagabond Swing
55:00 Django Medley Vagabond Swing
59:24 Finish

This week on Discovery Corner I’m presenting Lafayette, LA-based gypsy-punk band Vagabond Swing! They are a raucous yet hauntingly poetic act that are proudly from the Acadian area of Louisiana boasting its famous Cajun cooking and unique culture. The band wears all of this on their sleeve when they tour, cooking an authentic Cajun meal in exchange for a place to stay. They last released the five-chapter story in record form Soundtrack to an Untimely Death in 2011 though they have a new one, Cours des Miracles, coming out in late-May. I spoke with drummer/vocalist Roy Durand as he was on break from his job as a chef at a boucherie. We spoke about where music and food come together, the band’s new take on writing duties, and how they embody the vagabond lifestyle.


Upcoming Tour Dates

April 26 2014- Festival International de Louisiane- Lafayette, LA
May 9 2014- The Funky Blues Shack- Destin, FL
June 6 2014- Outland Ballroom- Springfield, MO
June 7 2014- Wichita River Festival- Wichita, KS
June 9 2014- Westport Saloon- Kansas City, MO
June 20 2014- The Mad Tea Party Jam- Hedgesville, WV
June 21 2014- Murphy’s Saloon- Boone, NC
June 25 2014- The 8×10- Baltimore, MD
August 2 2014- Southeast Alaska State Fair- Haines, AK