Discovery Corner on BTR

Premiere DateFeb 24, 2014
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00:00 DJ Jordan Intro
02:34 Movin' In osoosooso
06:01 A Bunch of Things I Don't Know osoosooso
08:22 Neighbors osoosooso
10:59 DJ Jordan Mic Break
11:20 Interview with Jonathan DiMitri of osoosooso
34:26 DJ Jordan Mic Break
35:31 Safe osoosooso
39:13 Expiration Dates osoosooso
42:48 Para Effin' Dise, Baby! osoosooso
46:32 Mike Isn't Down with Punctuation osoosooso
49:37 Finish

Welcome to Discovery Corner on BTR! Here I, DJ Jordan, present the Discovery Artist of the Week with their latest music and a fun, laid-back interview. All styles and genres are welcome in the Discovery Corner, all I ask for is a willingness to be discovered!

This week on Discovery Corner I’m featuring the Long Beach, NY-based solo project osoosooso. The band is comprised of Jonathan DiMitri of State Lines “fame.” It’s a bit of a departure from State Lines, as the songs are still in the same vein just more to-the-point with punchier choruses. He is set to release the self-titled debut EP March 18th on Soft Speak Records, though we’re getting a bit of a sneak peek. It’s a concept EP about a bear named Theodore who travels to Seattle where he meets a human girl…no spoilers though, you can hear the whole idea in the interview. JD and I discussed the dichotomy of real life/tour life, his five year plan, and what it is about bears that make them so accessible to humanize. Things got real.


Upcoming Tour Dates (2/22-3/2 as State Lines)

February 24 2014- The Biko Garage- Isla Vista, CA
February 26 2014- The Rock Shop- San Jose, CA
February 27 2014- Chinatown Youth Center- Fresno, CA
February 28 2014- The Ant Hill- Martinez, CA
March 1 2014- The Slab- Redding, CA
March 2 2014- Dekum Manor- Portland, OR
March 4 2014- Quesadilla Factory- Centralia, WA
March 6 2014- El Corazon- Seattle, WA
March 7 2014- The High Note- Boise, ID
March 9 2014- Seventh Circle- Denver, CO
March 11 2014- Knickerbockers- Lincoln, NE
March 13 2014- Art Closet Studios- Kansas City, MO
March 14 2014- The Firebird- St. Louis, MO
March 15 2014- House Show- Bloomington, IN
March 16 2014- Township- Chicago, IL
March 17 2014- House of Pancakes- Grand Rapids, MI
March 18 2014- 907 Lincoln- Ann Arbor, MI
March 19 2014- The 460- Toronto, ON
March 20 2014- House Show- Ottawa, ON
March 21 2014- Tim Allen’s Palace- Montreal, QC

Photo by Emmanuel V. Cruz II