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Premiere DateJan 27, 2014
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00:00 DJ Jordan Intro
02:15 I Won't Follow Secret Someones
06:11 Surrender Secret Someones
09:44 DJ Jordan Mic Break
10:06 Interview with Secret Someones
32:02 DJ Jordan Mic Break
33:29 Quit Pulling Me Down Secret Someones
37:27 Never Stop Love Secret Someones
40:53 Masquerade Lelia Broussard/Secret Someones
44:26 Finish

This week on the show I’m featuring Secret Someones from right here in NYC, a completely new and fresh outfit featuring the culmination of its members respective solo projects. They released their self-titled 3 song EP in early November as well as the song “Never Stop Love” on the Gayest Compilation Ever Made by the site EveryoneIsGay recently. They play a certain brand of bright and infectious powerpop that begs you to dance. I spoke with all four of the members as they were in the van on their way to a show in D.C. We discussed everything from gay rights to the Chelsea Market to the benefits of having one dude and three ladies in the band. It’s all happening!


Upcoming Tour Dates

January 28 2014- The Sinclair- Cambridge, MA
January 29 2014- World Cafe Live- Philadelphia, PA
February 1 2014- Soundstage- Baltimore, MD
February 3 2014- Cambridge Room @ House of Blues- Cleveland, OH
February 4 2014- The A & R Music Bar- Columbus, OH
February 5 2014- 12th & Porter- Nashville, TN

Photo courtesy of @shirkinerd