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Premiere DateNov 25, 2013
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00:00 DJ Jordan Intro
02:33 Party The Big Takeover
06:41 Tale of My Life The Big Takeover
11:13 DJ Jordan Mic Break
11:39 Interview with Nee Nee Rushie of The Big Takeover
33:14 DJ Jordan Mic Break
34:41 Walk The Plank The Big Takeover
38:45 Watch Out The Big Takeover
43:33 Take Me Home The Big Takeover
47:20 Finish

This week on the show I am proud to present The Big Takeover! They are a reggae/ska ensemble straight out of the beautiful little mountain town of New Paltz, NY where I spent four years getting an anthropology degree and singing a cappella. I spoke with the lead singer Nee Nee Rushie, originally from Jamaica, about how her experience of adjusting to life in New York impacted the music she now plays. They are set to release the record Children of the Rhythm in January and I was lucky enough to snag a song from it. Nee Nee and I discussed teaching methods in Newburgh, the struggles of adapting to high school and how music makes it all better.


Upcoming Tour Dates

December 7 2013- New Paltz, NY- Bacchus
December 12 2013- Red Square- Burlington, VT
December 31 2013- Liberty Public House- Rhinebeck, NY
January 18 2014- The Falcon- Marlboro, NY
January 24 2014- Gallagher’s Club Pub Grill- Oneonta, NY
January 31 2014- Olive’s- Nyack, NY
February 1 2014- Olive Ridley’s- Plattsburgh, NY