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Premiere DateOct 21, 2013
Categories Media Music
00:00 DJ Jordan Intro
02:37 Amour t'es la? Magda Giannikou
05:46 Asteroide Magda Giannikou
07:31 Ce Soir Magda Giannikou
10:34 DJ Jordan Mic Break
11:00 Interview with Magda Giannikou
33:54 DJ Jordan Mic Break
35:09 Juin Magda Giannikou
38:24 La Japonaise Magda Giannikou
41:23 Petite Maline Magda Giannikou
44:28 Finish

This week on the show I feature Magda Giannikou of Banda Magda, the Greek-born but New York-based accordionist/pianist/vocalist. She recently released her band’s debut album, Amour t’es la?. Oh, did I mention the whole thing is in French? Because it is. We discussed her decision to write and sing entirely in French, the most amount of band members she’s ever had on stage, and how her synesthesia affects her writing process. Enjoy!


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October 31 2013- Rockwood Music Hall- New York, NY
March 7 2013- Live at the Falcon- Marlboro, NY