Discovery Corner on BTR

Premiere DateJul 1, 2013
Categories Media Music
00:00 Discovery Corner Intro
02:08 Kubadili Kalakuta Millionaires
08:20 Feel Free Kalakuta Millionaires
15:19 Mic Break
15:50 Interview with Cicely Taylor of Kalakuta Millionaires
30:06 Mic Break
31:26 Agbadza Kalakuta Millionaires
35:02 Akumpaye, Too Bad Kalakuta Millionaires
42:09 Olufeme Kalakuta Millionaires
47:35 Finish

This week on Discovery Corner on BTR, I play the music of and talk to Brighton, UK’s Kalakuta Millionaires. They are an afrobeat/Latin-influenced band and no, they are not millionaires. I spoke to vocalist and percussionist Cicely Taylor. We had a lot of “big talk” about their idea of wealth, British classism, and what it means to “feel free.” Get into it!


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August 30 2013- Sussex Jazz Festival- Sussex, UK
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