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Premiere DateMar 30, 2015
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01:16 Intro Roger Sellers
07:28 Appeals Roger Sellers
11:29 Spectrolite Roger Sellers
16:00 Marim Roger Sellers
19:54 Mic Break
20:08 Interview with Roger Sellers
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39:40 Waves Roger Sellers
46:00 Steps Roger Sellers
50:45 Lates Roger Sellers
57:07 Omar Roger Sellers
62:47 Finish

Photo courtesy of Roger Sellers

They say there’s no such thing as time travel, but perhaps certain avenues have been overlooked. Certain musical pathways, that is.

Take an album like 2014’s Primitives. The Austin-based composer, producer, and performer Roger Sellers has been suffusing these songs with energy for more than five years–since his days spent as an undergrad tinkering with songwriting for the very first time.

This isn’t music you play for a single song during a shuffle streak. It’s a cohesive experience that ebbs and flows with the tides of Sellers’ past, ushering love streaked waves of sound that unite and create a tapestry. You wrap it around yourself, and find something new in the fold every time.

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04/17/15 – Parish Underground, Austin, TX

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