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Premiere DateMar 23, 2015
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00:00 Introducing The Zoltars
01:10 We Missed Out The Zoltars
02:45 16 17-18 Living - The Zoltars
05:19 Movies  The Zoltars
07:16 Sincere  The Zoltars
10:11 High  The Zoltars
11:31 Mic Break
11:47 Interview with Jared 'Zoltar'
27:00 Mic Break
27:45 Out of My Head  The Zoltars
29:46 Jailbreak  The Zoltars
31:46 Bad Man  The Zoltars
33:41 Poisonous Poet  The Zoltars
35:46 Holiday  The Zoltars
42:15 Finish

Photo courtesy of The Zoltars

Hello and welcome to Discovery Corner on BTR! We’re heading to Austin for this week’s episode to tune into the sounds of The Zoltars–a four piece reminiscent of Lou Reed if he were confined to a garage with a good sense of humor. The band has covered quite a bit of ground over the years, changing lineups and reinventing themselves with each album.

Earlier this year they released their self-titled album, which marks a departure from the more melancholy sounds of the previous. I’ll talk with Jared “Zoltar” Leibowich about how this record comes closest to emulating the group’s live sound and energy, and how a brush with mononucleosis inspired him to set off on the path to songwriting. Also, check out the tunes!

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Upcoming Tour Dates

06/09/15 – Schubas, Chicago, IL
06/10/15 – The Bishop, Bloomington, IN

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