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Premiere DateFeb 23, 2015
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00:00 Introducing Alana
00:53 The Banks of the Roses Alana Henderson
05:30 Is Fada o Bhaile Alana Henderson
08:25 Fare Thee Well Lovely Nancy Alana Henderson
12:17 Old Ardboe Alana Henderson
16:18 Mic Break
16:33 Interview with Alana Henderson
36:54 Mic Break
37:33 Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor Alana Henderson
40:10 Johnny Lovely Johnny Alana Henderson
42:27 The Orphan Girl Alana Henderson
48:57 The Country I'm Leaving Behind Alana Henderson
55:25 Finish

Photo courtesy of Alana

Hello and welcome to Discovery Corner on BTR! This week we’re looking towards our roots, and Alana Henderson’s folksy blend of traditional Irish music, jazz, and blues does exactly that. Her inventively percussive cello playing is the perfect accent to subtle songs about love and family that you might swear you’ve heard before, but in the best way possible; in the way that a long lost memory returns to you.

I’ll be featuring songs off of her most recent offering, Windfall. Expect more to come from this talented artist–she’s just wrapped up an international tour with Hozier, and currently has a solid musical diary filled with inspiration from her travels. Here’s to the road, and to the songs it may bring.

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Upcoming Tour Dates

06/22/15 – Black Box, Belfast, UK

Photo Courtesy of Alana

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