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Premiere DateFeb 9, 2015
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00:00 Introducing Gollay
01:29 Someday You'll See Gollay
04:01 Fight or Flight Gollay
07:35 Breaks Gollay
11:26 News In Newport Gollay
15:44 Receptionist Gollay
18:32 Mic Break
18:56 Interview with Rachel Gollay
37:36 Mic Break
38:36 Built for Love Gollay
42:05 Suddenly Last Summer Gollay
44:50 In Uniform Gollay
47:17 How Much Did That Cost? Gollay
51:15 Semaphores Gollay
55:47 Finish

Photo courtesy of Rachel Gollay

Hello and welcome to Discovery Corner on BTR! In keeping with the Fort Worth, Texas musical coverage of recent weeks, today’s show will feature another talented songwriter from the area. Her name is Rachel Gollay, and her group Gollay have released a fantastic record that’s been in the making for almost a couple of years now. It’s called Built for Love.

Gollay shares a lot of great insights into the making of this music, including working for progressive companies, rekindling musical relationships, and allowing songs to take on a certain amount of malleability during the recording process. But enough words, check out the tunes for yourself.

And don’t forget to check out the Discovery Artist feature on Gollay!


Upcoming Tour Dates

02/20/14 – Live Oak Music Hall, Fort Worth, TX

Photo Courtesy of the band

Zach Schepis worked at BTR from 2013-2017 as an intern, staff writer, podcast producer, and Editor-in-Chief for BTRread.