Lilly Wolf

Premiere DateFeb 1, 2016
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0:00 Introducing Lilly Wolf
1:16 Promises And Plans Lilly Wolf
5:02 Wasteland Lilly Wolf
9:29 Terrible Mistakes Lilly Wolf
13:53 Witness Lilly Wolf
17:41 Pop Dream Lilly Wolf
21:11 Mic Break
21:30 Interview with Lilly Wolfson and Alex Neuhausen of Lilly Wolf
36:44 Outro
37:34 Moving Pictures Lilly Wolf
41:15 Little Bones Lilly Wolf
44:19 Burn With You Lilly Wolf
48:29 Nerves Lilly Wolf
52:15 Violence Lilly Wolf

Hey everybody, welcome to BTR’s Discovery Corner!

When I chatted with Lilly Wolf I immediately heard a perfectly functioning duo. Lilly, vocals, with her warm and bubbly personality and Alex, bass and music mixing, with his dark and mysterious tone; It becomes clear why their music is the way it is. The Brooklyn based duo met while studying at the Ivy League school, Stanford University. What were they studying? Well, music, of course! Lilly graduated with a degree in music and Alex went on to complete his PhD in Electrical Engineering. Once they finished their schooling they decided to move to the Big Apple.

Just this last September Lilly Wolf released a dreamy 10-song LP, entitled “Deleted Scenes,” that makes you want to dance all your feelings away. Each song takes you up to a new steep hill on the emotional roller coaster. Currently, they are working on a music video for one of those emotional songs, and it is going to be wild.

Photo courtesy of Lilly Wolf

The band consists of Lilly Wolfson and Alex Neuhasen. They started their musical career together while still in San Francisco as the band Hey Young Believer. Then they were a piano and guitar duo appealing to the indie crowd, now they are a dark dance-pop duo that can be related to the likes of Grimes, Chrvches, or Lorde.

New York City plays a big part in their sound, the band admits. San Francisco brought them together, but NY created Lilly Wolf. In NY the underground scene is much grittier and leaves room for the band to do a lot more with their style and performances. In fact, Alex runs his own venue called Secret Loft in Bushwick where the duo often plays.

Photo courtesy of Lilly Wolf

Their brand new video will hit the web soon for the song “Terrible Mistakes.” They reached out to several different potential directors for it, but ultimately went with Luke Choi. He is an experienced director who has done music videos for artists such as ASTR, Big K.R.I.T., and even 50cent. The video takes place all over NYC in different places in Manhattan and Brooklyn that you will only recognize if you are a truly cool New-Yorker.

Keep an eye on their website for the video.

Anyways, you get the picture; have a listen and check out Lilly Wolf!

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