Lila Rose

Premiere DateJul 27, 2015
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Photo courtesy of Lila Rose

Hello and welcome to Discovery Corner on BTR!

Being a perfectionist to some degree is integral to every artist’s vision and process, even if it manifests itself in the smallest minutiae of creation. For Rose, this becomes increasingly apparent: her highly sensitive ears have evolved to craft songs that sound impossibly balanced. Whether it’s the bowing of a single violin, the lonesome brass call of a trumpet, or the thunder of drums, every instrument lends itself to the greater harmony of the whole.

A state of universal awareness has ignited her drive and mission as an artist. In a sense, it’s one of the fundamental roots underlying the songwriter’s latest release, We.Animals.

Perhaps it wasn’t a conscious decision, but the choice to pursue organic instrumentation directly reflects the conscientiousness towards nature that is perpetually woven throughout the album. Much like the title suggests, We.Animals. is a universal cry to cast aside our differences. Animal, human, plant or star–we all rise from the same mystic rumblings and love in the universe.

As she assures, the album is undeniably subtle. Without knowing anything about the songwriter’s roots in life-affirming activism, the music itself simply stands alone. Perhaps more fascinating is how such brooding, dark, and often portent shades can give way to eerie incandescence that, while often emotionally tumultuous, can usher an affirming lightness of being for the listener.

But enough words, check out the tunes for yourself.

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Photo Courtesy of Lila Rose

Zach Schepis worked at BTR from 2013-2017 as an intern, staff writer, podcast producer, and Editor-in-Chief for BTRread.