Las Rosas

Premiere DateJun 20, 2016
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00:00 Intro
01:05 Introducing Las Rosas
03:35 Cops Las Rosas
06:43 Mic Break
07:17 Interview with Las Rosas Jose Boyer, Jose Aybar, Christopher Laudardale, & Glenn Van Dyke
35:29 Mic Break
36:49 Outro
37:49 Black Cherry Las Rosas
41:14 Supposed 2 B Las Rosas
44:35 Ms. America Las Rosas
47:10 Sensitive Flower Las Rosas
50:54 Finish

Yay, you’re back! Welcome to BTRtoday’s Discovery Corner podcast brought to you by Levi’s.

Meet Las Rosas, the Brooklyn-based band that will rock your summer. Their music is perfect for any beach goer who wants a catchy tune to soak up some rays and chill with a beer in hand to.

It originally consisted of Jose Boyer on guitar and lead vocals, Jose Aybar on bass, and Christopher Lauderdale on drums. Just recently the band has gained Glenn Van Dyke, from the band BOYTOY, adding more guitar and hitting the tambourine.

Photo by Martin Cartagena

If you’re looking for an aesthetically cool looking group, you’ve found them—they totally break the barriers of hip. They’ve got the hair, shades, shoes, and tunes to prove it.

They were impressed by BTRtoday’s obscure collection of CDs that are covering the walls of the studio. During the interview we spoke about several bands we had CDs to that blew their mind–not because it was hip of us, but because they have personal connections to these other musicians and wild stories.

In fact, Boyer and Lauderdale recount a tour they shared with one of these obscure bands they found lining the BTR studio walls, where the lead singer punched Lauderdale square in the face.

Photo courtesy of CoolDad Music

So hit play and get lost in the wild adventures of Las Rosas, listen to their newest tunes, and their oldie-but-goodies, hear them debate about The Goo Goo Dolls and Shikira, and strap yourself in for a crazy ride.

Flower In The Sun EP

Make sure to catch them on all their social media outlets, and find out where they’re playing next, because you’re not going to want to miss a live Las Rosas show!

And don’t forget to check out the Discovery Artist feature on Las Rosas!

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