Jo Wedin & Jean Felzine

Premiere DateFeb 22, 2016
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00:00 Intro
00:41 Introducing Jo Wedin & Jean Felzine
02:23 Idiot (English Version) Jo Wedin & Jean Felzine
06:11 Chanter, Baiser, Boire, Et Manger Jo Wedin & Jean Felzine
11:24 Mic Break
11:51 Interview with Jo Wedin
46:22 Mic Break
47:08 Outro
48:00 La Canopée Jo Wedin & Jean Felzine
51:27 Les Hommes Ne Sont Plus Des Hommes Jo Wedin & Jean Felzine
54:59 La Valise Jo Wedin & Jean Felzine
58:08 Idiot (French Version) Jo Wedin & Jean Felzine
61:46 Finish

Yay, you’re back! Welcome to BTRtoday’s Discovery Corner podcast brought to you by, Levi’s.

Sweden-native, Jo Wedin spoke with BTRtoday and with her cute accent she enlightened us on her powerful 60’s pop inspired music. Her partner, France-native Jean Felzine works with her to create the most beautiful lyrics in the most romantic langue– French.

Just a few years ago France was better known for house music or electronic acts that sang strictly in English, like Daft Punk or Air. However, recently new genres have begun to take hold. For instance, rock bands like La Femme, The Pirouettes, Requin Chagrin and now Jo Wedin & Jean Felzine have gained crazy popularity and only sing in French, with maybe translating one or two of their songs to English.

Photo courtesy of Astrid Karoual

Wedin recounts to BTRtoday the night of the Paris attacks, which happened to be the same night that the duo’s first EP was dropped. They had walked past many places, that just hours later were bombarded, laughing and talking about their release-party plans. The music couple couldn’t believe what they saw when they turned on the news.

Many places the duo used to play at are now gone, but Wedin says proudly that the attacks have not frightened them or any musicians and certainly has not hindered the blossoming music scene in Paris.

Album Artwork by Anna Jean

Currently, while simultaneously working on their approaching album release, they are on a small tour of France. They hope to have a NYC tour by September or October, hitting Brooklyn and Manhattan. Check them out on social media and on Bandcamp!

But, hey, listen to the podcast and find out all about them from Wedin herself!

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