High Waisted

Premiere DateJul 11, 2016
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00:00 Intro
01:00 Introducing High Waisted
02:26 Trust High Waisted
05:10 Party In The Back High Waisted
07:14 Shithead High Waisted
10:58 Door High Waisted
14:34 Gold Tooth High Waisted
18:50 Hey Hey High Waisted
21:56 Mic Break
22:21 Interview with Jessica Louise Dye of High Waisted
41:15 Mic Break
42:26 Outro
43:04 Shanghai Spy High Waisted
46:09 Wail High Waisted
49:14 Detonate High Waisted
52:35 Nuclear Lover High Waisted
56:55 Maybe Baby High Waisted
60:41 Kitchen Safari High Waisted
63:15 Finish

Yay, you’re back! Welcome to BTRtoday’s Discovery Corner podcast brought to you by, Levi’s.

Eat trash and be free with High Waisted, the surf rock band that’s currently leaving a trail of sparkles across the U.S.!

Photo courtesy of Matt Kanbergs

High Waisted is a NYC based band influenced by happiness, sparkles, Dick Dale, and doing whatever the hell they want. Fronted by the lively Jessica Louise Dye on vocals and guitar–it doesn’t matter how deep that dark pit in your chest goes, Dye’s voice warms up even the coldest heart!

Dye, guitarist Steven Nelson, drummer Jono Bernstein, and bassist Jeremy Hansen are currently on their ‘Eat Trash Be Free’ tour hitting up places all over the U.S. When we spoke with Dye on the phone they were currently in Nashville waiting in line for tacos. This tour is for their album released this past march entitled “On Ludlow.”

Photo courtesy of Devon Bristol Shaw

The album is filled with catchy surf tunes that make you want to throw on your favorite outfit and bang your head like a teenager! Tracks like “Shithead” and “Party In The Back” have beachy guitar riffs, fun lyrics, and melodies that’ll make you see colors.

This is High Waisted’s first full-length album– entitled ‘On Ludlow’ since destiny brought them together on Ludlow St. in NYC. Dye says that she pulled from a place deep inside of her that she wasn’t able to get out during her teen years. She confesses that ‘On Ludlow’ has a younger, immature vibe–she even pulled inspiration from her very own teenage diaries.

Album artwork courtesy of the band

Keep an eye out for their up-coming music video done by Refinery29 shot in virtual reality! Make sure to check them out on social media–they’re entertaining and colorful!

You won’t regret it.

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