Premiere DateOct 26, 2015
Categories Media Music
00:00 Introducing Heartracer
02:18 Methexis Heartracer
05:50 Larusso Heartracer
09:26 Tightrope Heartracer
12:35 Natural Lives Heartracer
18:17 Get It Back Heartracer
22:29 The Way You Want Heartracer
27:29 Light of Day Heartracer
31:30 Mic Break
31:54 Interview with Cosby Brothers
56:51 Mic Break
58:34 In Flight Heartracer
63:50 Back Roads Heartracer
68:03 Attican Lights Heartracer
72:06 Excavation Heartracer
76:11 In Flight (Remix) Heartracer
80:27 Finish

Hello and welcome to Discovery Corner on BTR! In keeping with the Richmond, Virginia musical coverage of recent weeks, today’s show will feature another talented band from the area.

Photo courtesy of the band

It’s like driving off into the sunset in a bright red convertible with all the windows rolled down. Palm trees swaying in the breeze while a beautiful girl sits shotgun wearing leg-warmers. She’s smoking a cigarette kissed by lipstick, and the glitz of lights twinkling along the highway bleed into the smell of hairspray and the polish of a new sound thumping from the radio.

That new sound is the Richmond, Virginia trio Heartracer, and this cheesy scenery is exactly what I imagine while listening to the title track from their recent EP Summer Gold. The production is doused in a glimmer and sparkle that would satiate even the most critical pop-music maestros. Arpeggiating synthesizer lines dance around drums that crackle and explode with the energy of arena rock.

It’s true that Heartracer are unabashedly retro at their very essence, tapping into the ‘80s mainstream vein like true artisans of nostalgia. But it’s an homage that manages to expand beyond mere imitation of its predecessors. The five songs that comprise Summer Gold encapsulate a band that is young and hungry to push the traditional boundaries of electronic music to the limit (forgive the Paul Engemann reference, I just can’t help myself).

But enough words, check out the tunes for yourself.

And don’t forget to check out the Discovery Artist feature on Heartracer!


Zach Schepis worked at BTR from 2013-2017 as an intern, staff writer, podcast producer, and Editor-in-Chief for BTRread.