Gregorio Uribe

Premiere DateSep 28, 2015
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00:00 Introducing Gregorio Uribe
05:03 Yo Vengo Gregorio Uribe
10:36 QuC Vamos A Hacer Con Este Amor Gregorio Uribe
14:31 El Avispao' Gregorio Uribe
19:03 Goza Cada Gregorio Uribe
22:28 Cumbia Universal Gregorio Uribe
28:32 Mic Break
28:55 Interview with Gregorio Uribe
50:58 Mic Break
53:50 Por Que Se Ir Mi Nisoo Gregorio Uribe
59:28 Caribe Contigo Gregorio Uribe
63:24 Welcome to La Capital Gregorio Uribe
67:42 Come Together (feat. Sagit Shir) Gregorio Uribe
72:17 Yo Comenzo La Fiesta Gregorio Uribe
76:47 Finish

Hello and welcome to Discovery Corner on BTR!

Colombian Big Band-leader Gregorio Uribe has become a colorful fixture of New York City’s vibrant Latin-Jazz community. On the first Thursday of every month, passersby sauntering outside the Greenwich Village Zinc Bar can duck in to catch the songwriter careening across the stage with passion–playing his accordion and singing alongside the brassy support of a 16-piece ensemble roaring behind him.

Photo courtesy of Gregorio Uribe

Uribe’s debut album Cumbia Universal is set to drop October 2nd, but the arrangements have tasted air for close to a decade now.

The live performances can convert any listener, regardless of whether or not they’ve been exposed to the music before. Yet Uribe knew the time had finally come to bring the high octane energy of the stage into the recording studio.

Cumbia Universal is the result of that very ambition, stemming from a successful Kickstarter project that would find the ensemble performing the songwriter’s arrangements live in NYC’s Bunker Studio. The record features a collaboration from seven-time Grammy-winner Ruben Blades, and has earned Uribe a spot of Colombia’s list of “The 100 Most Outstanding Colombians Living Abroad,” joined by the likes of Sharkira and writer Garcia Marquez.

Expect the unexpected, an impassioned stew of traditional rhythms, eclectic voicings, and celebration set to dance from a kaleidoscopic soul that refuses to stand still.

But enough words, check out the tunes for yourself!

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