Beech Creeps

Premiere DateMar 7, 2016
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00:00 Intro
00:57 Introducing Beech Creeps
01:46 Creeps Can't Swim Beech Creeps
05:48 Deep In The Dive Beech Creeps
09:28 Mic Break
09:46 Interview with Zach Lehrhoff from Beech Creeps
26:06 Mic Break
26:20 Outro
27:56 Arm Of The T Rex - Beech Creeps
31:36 Everybody Loves The Beech Beech Creeps
40:21 Long Walk Home Beech Creeps
46:30 On The Beech Beech Creeps
52:32 Son Of Sud Beech Creeps
56:02 Teenage Boogie Beech Creeps
60:00 Times Be Short Beech Creeps
66:23 Finish

Yay, you’re back! Welcome to BTRtoday’s Discovery Corner podcast brought to you by, Levi’s.

Beech Creeps is a New York City band consisting of three members- Mark Shue on guitar and vocals, Brian Chase on drums, and Zach Lehrhof on bass.

These guys are no strangers to the music world. Shue also plays in the popular indie band Guided By Voices, Chase drums for the rocking band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Shue was shredding it on bass for the band Ex-Models.

Bring this magnificent trifecta together and you get a band that rocks and most definitely rolls.

Photo courtesy of Bryan Sargent

Currently on tour, this band was able to call BTRtoday to tell us about their new Self Titled LP that was just released a few weeks ago. Their songs make you want to throw a headbanger right there on the beach!

Photo courtesy of Bryan Sargent

“As long as it’s sunny, I feel fine. My Beech Creeps motto,” Lehrhoff tells BTR, and we couldn’t agree more.
Take a listen to the podcast and feel the waves of rock and roll!

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