Fair Coyote

Premiere DateNov 23, 2015
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00:00 Introducing Fair Coyote
02:09 Intro Fair Coyote
02:43 100 Years Fair Coyote
06:19 Paths Fair Coyote
07:41 Home Again Fair Coyote
10:45 Visitor Fair Coyote
17:48 The Meadow Fair Coyote
21:01 Mic Break
21:22 Interview with Mauricio Vazquez
37:29 Mic Break
38:15 Salt Fair Coyote
40:35 Telephone Fair Coyote
43:20 Before the Moon Fair Coyote
45:41 Outro Fair Coyote
49:50 Finish

Hello and welcome to Discovery Corner on BTR!

Multiinstrumentalist Mauricio Vazquez creates complex, experimental sounds that remarkably conjure the warmth of his San Antonio homebase. Under the moniker Fair Coyote, he has released a collection of songs called “Hunt Saint” and his debut EP “Paths.”

Photo courtesy of Fair Coyote

When Vazquez moved to San Antonio from Mexico City, he started working on scores for directors of small-budget, independent films. His passion for film undoubtedly permeates into his writing and recording process, as his music may be classified as cinematic, both in its sound and scope.

“It amazes me how you can listen to a song and picture a movie scene in your head. I often like to do that,” explains Vazquez. “I picture a movie scene in my head and figure out from there what music would complement the scene.”

From the instant “Paths” begins, listeners can hear suspenseful crescendos reminiscent of the orchestral sounds that might fill a theatre. Vazquez masterfully crafts moments like these throughout the seven track EP. He manages to construct a melodious intensity while juxtaposing that dynamism with sweet and thoughtful lyrics.

Photo courtesy of Fair Coyote

Whether it’s writing lyrics or melodies, recording or producing, artists inevitably encounter hurdles along the way. That may have been the case for Vazquez throughout the fashioning of “Paths,” but in its complete and winsome form, the toiling seems to have been well worth it.

But enough words, have a listen for yourself!

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