Slothrust is a classic example of a band of talented artists shredding their instruments and producing some must-hear garage/indie/ rock’n’roll tunes!
Whomever said saxophone and punk rock don’t go together, haven’t heard Pill. The uber-creative group creates melodic tunes w/ dark undertones surely to get you swaying and praying!
Thick is a three-piece pop-punk garage band comprised of the wildest girls you’ll ever meet. We chat w/ them about music, exploding cars, and moms–hear their newest EP here!
Satan kicked them out of hell and they ended up on the West Coast playing the dark melodic tunes of heartbreak & despair we’ve all been yearning for–meet The Abigails!
Noelle Tannen & The Filthy No-Nos take you on a musical journey of sultry and feisty vocals with blues, soul, funk, and rock’n’roll infused melodies. Check out their newest album here!
Har Mar Superstar is the party starter that gets you dancing, crying, or both. His tunes are not only jam-packed w/ grooving melodies to get you moving, but also melancholy beats to spark a tear.
This Australian-duo has made their roots in L.A., but that doesn’t stop them from touring constantly! Catch them live and you’ll catch yourself saying , ‘hell yeah!’ by the very first note!
Meet the garage band of your dreams. Based in NYC, Dirty Fences’ catchy melodies & raging guitar riffs take you back to a time when bands like The Ramones and The Clash were chart toppers!
Faulkner–an indie group putting an end to genres. With the help of producer RZA (Wu-Tang Clan) & the group’s general magical vibes, they’re creating a masterpiece you just have to hear for yourself!
Meet these Nashville-based brothers who have been rockin’ since they came out the womb. Jeff The Brotherhood is a punk rock/ garage band delicacy you have to hear!
Jamil Rashad, aka Boulevards, is the funk master, R&B god of the big city. He has the power to make any crowd melt their troubles away and swing their hips like they’ve never done before!
Rock’n’roll has always been all-inclusive–not a shy kid left behind. Especially, Toronto-based group shy kids! They’ve got a lively vibe, with melodic punk and ambitious indie beats.
Meet the boys from Mexico who are spreading the love of post punk synth all over the place. Listen to their newest album, “Friendship,” here and catch them on their upcoming US tour!
Meet Portland’s punk rock Sleeping Beauties. They’re not afraid to tell you to piss-off, and then grab you in with music that’ll get your heart racing and your head banging!
Breanna Barbara is putting the edge back in Americana. She takes blues, rock, and old school country to create melodies oozing with passion—you won’t hear anything this year with more heart!
Dreamy aesthetics, sultry sounds, and soothing vocals all come to mind when you listen to the 1960’s inspired folk tunes by the NYC-based musician CHILLEMI. Hear his new EP here before it’s released!
If you’re looking for some true-blue rock’n’rollers, here they are: The Mystery Lights is a concoction of blues, punk, psych, and garage rock that creates some of the best tunes you’ll hear all year!
Tacocat is the must-have band for your summer playlist. You gotta love ’em! They’re fun, colorful, punk rock and love cats–and if the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that the world loves cats!
Eat trash and be free with High Waisted, the surf rock band that’s leaving a trail of sparkles across the U.S.! Influenced by happiness, confetti, Dick Dale, and doing whatever the hell they want.
Ladies and gentleman: Go-go listen to the Death Valley Girls! The L.A.-based band with all the loving tenderness of a buzz saw. They’ve got a ’60’s-pop sound, with a punk rock kick.
The Nude Party is a HiFi, crazy six-piece band from the mountains of Boone, North Carolina. They’re a rambunctious bunch who don’t give any f*cks and know how to have fun.
The sound’s of Las Rosas is perfect for your next trip to Rockaway beach. BTRtoday sits down with them to talk about their music, being NYC-based, and their outspoken opinions on The Goo Goo Dolls.
Rey Pila is the adolescent child of Depeche Mode and David Bowie, that was raised by wild Iggy Pop! This week we interview lead singer, Diego Solórzano and listen to their album “The Future Sugar.”
Meet the east coasters who combine dad rock, old-school country, punk, and The Spice Girls to create what is BOYTOY—a NYC-based band that’ll surf their way to the top of your playlist.
Meet Lou and Ben from Winstons. A NYC-based band that has only drums and guitars, accompanied by some heartbreaking rock’n’roll lyrics that’s sure to get you movin’ and swoonin’!
The wildest chicks heading the most badass band you’ll ever hear! This week we talk with Toronto-based band Dilly Dally about their big break, punk rock, and Lady Gaga.
Get ready for a band that finally knows how to use that fog machine and light rig properly. Future Punx, a Brooklyn-based band, not only gets the vibes just right, but they also rock the stage!
Yazan, is the most well-rounded musician you’ll find anywhere in NYC, maybe the world! His bluesy vibes and guitar riffs don’t keep him from exploring all kinds of new music mediums.
Grab your dad and your drugs, because on this week’s Discovery Corner we’re talking to the Brooklyn-based psych-punk band Acid Dad!
Combine Dick Dale with The Buzzcocks and you’ve got Tijuana Panthers—the Californian based band that will give you a pick-me-up and a kick in the gut all at once!
The Toronto-based band PUP is nothing like the cute puppies that appear when you search their name. They’re punk rock to the core, with raw and hard sounds to get your blood pumping.
BTRtoday talks to Lias Saoudi from the wild rock band Fat White Family about music making, touring, getting naked on stage, opening for Iggy Pop, and all kinds of fun stuff!
Holly Miranda is the badass, rock’n’roller chick you’d think only exists in movies. Her songs have heartbreaking lyrics backed by killer melodies that hit you right where it’s needed.
Meet Crook Kid, Minnie, and Rusty from the punk rock band The Coathangers! A trio of badass chicks singing about nosebleeds, tequila, and nestling boobies to head bang your little heart out to!
David Block from “The Human Experience” travels about 300 days out of the year. You’d think all that traveling would keep him busy. Nope, say hello to “Gone Gone Beyond!”
Luna Rose is a band that you just are really going to want to hang out with. A trio recently turned four piece, they play sweet sweet sounds and have a damn good time doing it. Check them out!
What’s a beach without some creeps? Say hello to the band Beech Creeps! A band consisting of some of the most creative and expert musicians ready to rock your ears off!
Dean Cercone is a self-proclaimed psychedelic dreamer, whose music will transcend you into another realm of chaos and color and drive you wild.
The Parisian music duo, Jo Wedin & Jean Felzine, have created beautiful music in the mist of a terrorist attack, a pretentious music scene, and a language barrier.
We chat with Ron Gallo from Nashville, Tennessee. His cynical lyrics and catchy rhythms will make him your new musical obsession.
Last Saturday I stumbled upon an awesome rock show in the Lower East Side and found The Britanys. Their stage presence is electrifying and their sound is so hip it makes you want to cry.
This week’s Discover Corner chats with Brooklyn based duo Lilly Wolf. They’re dreamy, they’re dark, and they’ve got the New York’s underground music scene wrapped around their finger.
Today Latola guest hosts the Discovery Corner and revisits a conversation he recorded with Gotye in 2009
BTR chats with the lead singer of Tenement about their double LP, “Predatory Headlights.”
BTR chats with San Antonio band Levees about their debut EP.
BTR catches up with Staten Island pop punk band, Everything Ever.