Week of 09/17/17

Premiere DateSep 17, 2017
Categories Indie Music
00:00 DJ Drew Intro
02:33 Life Is For Everyone Dead Stars
06:48 My Teeth Dead Stars
10:10 Out There Lomelda
14:08 From Here Lomelda
18:28 Pulse Maya Jane Coles
23:11 Keep Me Warm (feat. Gaps) Maya Jane Coles
29:01 Glow Buddy Lovely Bad Things
33:16 You Don’t Hang Around Lovely Bad Things
37:51 Dealer’s Choice on BTR
38:41 The Nevers Early Riser
41:42 Oh Nevermind Early Riser
44:16 Don’t Stop Believin’ In Me Pardoner
51:41 Carousel of Punishment Pardoner
57:14 Rats Out Black Mekon
59:38 Fresh Hell Black Mekon
62:54 Dealer’s Choice on BTR
63:33 Waitin’ Dinner
68:11 Illusions Dinner
72:13 Tongue Tied A Giant Dog
74:41 Lucky Ponderosa A Giant Dog
77:48 Living Small Turnover
81:18 What Got In The Way Turnover
84:57 Dealer’s Choice on BTR
85:47 Haze Angelo De Augustine
89:08 I’ll Wait For The Others Angelo De Augustine
91:50 Diamond Ring Aron D’Alesio
96:01 Run Aron D’Alesio
99:32 Seaquest Sleepy Sun
103:58 Crave Sleepy Sun
110:13 DJ Drew Outro
112:10 One Of A Kind Fresh & Onlys
118:16 Impossible Man Fresh & Onlys
122:24 Finish

Officially the last Dealer’s Choice of this summer, so why not go out with a doubleshot bang!  All 2 hours of this show are doubleshots from brand new artists and albums.  Let’s do the damn thing!





Host Drew
The two Rs: Radio and Reggae. That's what started it all for Drew. Before he was doing it professionally, he was filling his personal record collection with every piece of dub vinyl he could get his hands on.…