Week of 01/15/17

Premiere DateJan 15, 2017
Categories Indie Music
00:00 DJ Drew Intro
01:50 Junkie For Your Love The Due Diligence
06:11 Rio De La Fey Johnny V. Lewis
10:28 Still In Love The Adventures Of The Silver Spaceman
14:37 Don’t Look Down Jeen.
17:44 Carl Sagan vs. Zeus NOIA
20:50 A Million Other Things Pronoun
24:38 Aloe Hotel Loveland
28:02 Tomorrow The Seams
31:18 Dealer’s Choice on BTR
32:22 America Foxygen
37:41 Trauma Foxygen
42:25 Naked Monogold
46:28 Everyone’s There Monogold
50:43 Out Of My Head The Griswolds
54:29 Get Into My Heart The Griswolds
58:13 Child Bride Lila Blue
62:15 Icarus Lila Blue
67:35 Sadist In Sequins Exotic Adrian Street and the Pile Drivers
70:11 Breakin’ Bones Exotic Adrian Street and the Pile Drivers
72:23 Dealer’s Choice on BTR
73:11 Last Word Jess Williamson
80:37 Palpitations Monomyth
83:16 I’m Glad 2 Lanikai
87:41 Dancing On A Dream Wyatt Blair
91:18 153 Gap Dream
93:38 Love Song Flying Pace
97:57 Express Services Nodding Tree Remedies
102:33 Unfold Forth Wanderers
105:00 Thank You Holly Overton
108:24 Fast Silver TOY
114:43 DJ Drew Outro
115:49 You Will Find It Here Thee Oh Sees
121:46 Finish

Mid January in the new year, which means an extra large doubleshot of new new new tunes!

The Due Diligence

The Due Diligence


Jess Williamson


Thee Oh Sees

The two Rs: Radio and Reggae. That's what started it all for Drew. Before he was doing it professionally, he was filling his personal record collection with every piece of dub vinyl he could get his hands on.…