Best of 2017 (part 2)

Premiere DateDec 10, 2017
Categories Indie Music
00:00 DJ Drew Intro
02:57 Crime Engine Failure Parlor Walls
06:55 Play Opposites Parlor Walls
09:52 Birthday Parlor Walls
15:25 Up In Hudson Dirty Projectors
22:55 Ascent Through Clouds Dirty Projectors
29:51 Keep Your Name Dirty Projectors
34:19 Dealer’s Choice on BTR
35:06 Hit That Drum Woods
38:57 Bleeding Blue Woods
44:09 Love Is Love (Sun On Time) Woods
48:29 This Changes Everything Warm Soda
51:04 Tell Me In A Whisper Warm Soda
54:02 Young In Your Heart Warm Soda
56:45 Dealer’s Choice on BTR
58:00 Breathe Tonstartssbandht
69:38 Sorcerer Tonstartssbandht
79:08 Opening Tonstartssbandht
91:52 Dealer’s Choice on BTR
92:44 Saturday Real Estate
97:24 Two Arrows Real Estate
104:11 Darling Real Estate
108:28 DJ Drew Outro
110:31 Little Silver Cross White Reaper
114:42 Tell Me White Reaper
118:24 The World’s Best American Band White Reaper
123:10 Finish

Ready for round 2?  It’s DJ Drew’s picks for Best 0f 2017 (part 2) featuring triple shots from Parlor Walls, Woods & White Reaper just to name a few.

Host Drew
The two Rs: Radio and Reggae. That's what started it all for Drew. Before he was doing it professionally, he was filling his personal record collection with every piece of dub vinyl he could get his hands on.…