Week of 05/14/17

Premiere DateMay 14, 2017
Categories Hip Hop Music World
00:00 Bazarro intro
02:10 Adrenalin (Germany) Kotti
05:55 Ta Cloro (Madrid, Spain) JOHA
09:31 Zuri (Switzerland) Dj Ace ft. EKR & P.Moos
12:08 <3 T.O. (Toronto, Canada) A.Harmony, DijahSB & Phoenix Pagliacci
14:28 Jutsu (Puerto Rico) Mz Boom Bap X Ryler Smith
17:29 Chi Chilln (Madrid, Spain) JOHA
21:24 Bazarro Mic Break
22:30 Paro (Germany) RothChilds
25:56 Wishlist (South Africa) Jean Grae & Quelle Chris
29:12 All I Need (Montreal, Toronto, Canada) Illa J ft. Moka Only
32:47 Not Da Same (Puerto Rico) Pearl Harba
36:02 Posible Es Ahora (Columbia) Physical Rappin
39:52 Mic Break
40:21 Salvador Dali (Puerto Rico) Agallah & Duke Westlake
43:19 Substance Abuse (Germany) Hastyle & Configa
47:13 Para Alem Da Morte (Portuagal) Mundo Segundo
51:07 Bop It (Toronto, Canada) A.Harmony, DijahSB & Phoenix Pagliacci
54:36 Amor Mio (El Salvador) Pescozada Con Santos Mejia
59:00 Bazarro Mic Break
62:02 Finish
Ahhh breathing this fresh air down here in MIami. Woo!! Yep that’s what it is this weekend. Hot like fire on that Miami beach. We landed in Fort Lauderdale but who cares.  It’s all the same down here. Rocking this dope show via satellite out of Miami. I’m glad you can join us on another trip around the world with some great music & gr eat artists. You ready to rock? Ok, let’s go!!!
Jean Grae ft. Chris Quelle-Wishlist
Illa J ft. Moka Only-All I Need
Agallah & Duke Westlake
Crazy DJ Bazarro was born in Brooklyn, NY, and started DJing and producing at the age of 14. He made a name for himself DJing at community centers, block parties, and baby showers in his neighborhood, then…