Week of 02/19/17

Premiere DateFeb 19, 2017
Categories Hip Hop Music World
00:00 Bazarro intro
01:50 Black Privilege (East Africa) Napoleon Da Legend ft. Squablz
05:00 Lord Madness (Italy) Gesu ft. Sgravo
09:46 90's Back (Columbia) Physical Rappin
12:29 Big Homie (Jamaica) Labba Ranks ft. DV Alias Khryst
15:22 Fugitive From Love (Puerto Rico) Pearl Harba ft. LIL Fame of M.O.P
18:38 Chase That Feelling (Australia) HillTops Hoods
22:49 Bazarro Mic Break
23:50 Delorean (Russia,Germany) Constant Deviants
27:26 Asked For It (East Africa) Mic Handz ft. Napoleon DA Legend
30:33 Ulfur Ulfur (Iceland) Brennum Allt ft. Kott Gra Pje
35:05 Get Loy (Thailand) Thaikoon ft. Illslick & DAndee
39:42 Pump It (Italy) MC Ivanhoe ft. Bliss
43:29 Realness (Columbia) Physical Rappin
47:00 Para Alem Da Morte (Portuagal) Mundo Segundo
50:50 Have Discipline (West Indies) Rahim Samad
54:49 Gunz (Germany) Snowgoons ft. Sean Price, Jus Allah & Doujah Raz
58:33 Bazarro Mic
59:46 Finish

What up peoples?? Yeah it’s Sunday again. No football neither, LOL. Good music. Always, 365 days a year. We travel around the sun and we travel around the world bringing you great artists you might of never heard before because most people think inside the box. Not us, we go for the gusto, the best the greatest from around the globe. I get so much praise for this show because the artists are surprised we open up our minds and look beyond the oceans, research their music and play it. So join in if this is your first time. There is no music ban when it comes to world hip-hop. Let’s go!!

Snowgoons ft. Sean Price & Jus Allah-Gunz
Hilltop Hoods-Chase That Feeling
Thaikoon ft. IllSlick & Dandee-Get Loy
Crazy DJ Bazarro was born in Brooklyn, NY, and started DJing and producing at the age of 14. He made a name for himself DJing at community centers, block parties, and baby showers in his neighborhood, then…