Temperature Rising World Hip Hop Mix

Premiere DateJun 20, 2018
Categories Hip Hop Music World
00:00 Bazarro intro
01:40 Spineless Zombies (East Africa) Napoleon Da Legend
04:06 Powaful Impak (Germany) Black Moon & Jaguar
07:11 Fly Script (Venezuela) Shabaam Sahdeeq
10:47 Look Out (Japan) Bankai Fam, Valentine & Kyo Itachi
12:18 Acido (Madrid, Spain) Xero Ysern, Putolargo & Legendario
15:54 They Know (Puerto Rico) Big Leto & Mr Cheeks
19:23 History is Written (Italy) Lil Vic
23:30 Bazarro Mic Break
24:35 Word of Mouth (Germany) InTell ft Inspectah Deck & Snowgoons
28:21 Midtown (Jamaica) Murs ft. John Givez
31:58 Dick (Toronto, Canada) A. Harmony, DijahSB & Phoenix Pagliacci
36:02 Get Down Like That (West Indies) Travis Willams
40:22 Bazarro Mic Break
41:25 Going Down (China) China Mac ft. Dave East
45:40 Man of Steel (Iran) Mazzi & SoulPurpose ft. Quadir Lateef & Eva Lazarus
50:05 Encrypted Wisdom (East Africa) Napoleon Da Legend
53:41 Radical Dilemma (Puerto Rico) Rebel Diaz
56:46 90's Back (Columbia) Physical Rappin
59:46 Bazarro Mic Break
60:50 Finish

Global warming? No, we just hot!! Hot like the summer coming upon us. BTRtoday.com here with some hot artists, too. Another dope podcast from one of the greatest DJ’s. Yeah, I said it, and we rock around the world. World Hip ­Hop show, let’s go. Spread the word. Get that new Napoleon Da Legend mixtape out now, “Steal This Mixtape Part 4.” It’s incredible. He’s from East Africa, support that world music. Hit the play button. You’ll see what I mean. Let’s go!!

China Mac ft. Dave East-Going Down

InTell ft. Inspectah Deck & Snowgoons-Word of Mouth

Black Moon & Jaguar Skillz-Powaful Impak

Crazy DJ Bazarro was born in Brooklyn, NY, and started DJing and producing at the age of 14. He made a name for himself DJing at community centers, block parties, and baby showers in his neighborhood, then…