BTR World Hip Hop

Premiere DateAug 25, 2013
Categories Hip Hop Music World
00:00 Mic Break
01:20 Up & Down Cesar Comanche ft. Eternia/Canada
05:05 Jeannie Jean Grae/South Africa
08:14 Keep Going Invincible/Israel/Palestine
11:45 Stop & Look Napoleon Da Legend/East Africa
15:47 Hustle, Hustle The Foreign Exchange/HOlland
19:25 Mic Break
21:00 Thrills Zeeq/Belize
23:27 Groove Moka ONly/Canada
27:22 Move Mood Doctors/Jamaica
30:44 Capturing Time Pearl Harba/Puerto Rico
34:11 Drip Drop Moka Only ft. Kissey Asplund/Canada
36:33 Angels, Demons Immortal Technique ft. Dead Prez/Puerto Rico
41:22 Mic Break
42:01 Trying To Makie it Travis Williams/West Indies
44:41 In Effect Kurious Jorge/Puerto Rico
49:09 All Praises Due Cesar Comanche/Canada
53:16 Watch & See GangaLee/Jamaica
57:09 Mic Break
58:20 African Song Bird Sathima Bea Benjamin/South Africa  R.I.P 1936-2013
62:04 Finish

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What’s good ya’ll? World HIphop, non-stop.. Btr stlye…let’s go..I’m in Tampa Bay..rocking CrowBar
in Ybor City tonight!!! Also this show is dedicated to Sathima Bea Benjamin, great Jazz Musician, great mother,
mother of Jean Grae. R.I.P we will miss your elegant presence..!!

Immortal Technique
Mattel Community Center Sept 5th 2013 Redway, CA
The Catalyst Sept 6th 2013 Santa Cruz,CA

Jean Grae

Moka Only

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