Ep 78 // Kavanaugh, SCOTUS, Senate / ‘The Old Man & the Gun’

Premiere DateOct 5, 2018
00:00 Intro
01:10 START /// Kavanaugh, SCOTUS, Senate w/ Rena Karefa-Johnson + Matt Ruby
01:55 A review of Kavanaugh’s history and confirmation process so far
04:26 Reaction to coverage of the hearings and the way the Democrats and Republicans have handled it
13:59 Kavanaugh’s sense of entitlement, temperament, etc.
18:17 Politics in SCOTUS and judicial bodies generally / legal fictions revealed / Ivy league white men
23:10 Jeff Flake’s deal for an FBI investigation / “No currency in compromise.”
25:56 A system of minority rule that forces unnecessary compromise / “It’s only ever Democrats who want to compromise.” / Debating… Obama?
33:49 A reactionary electorate / Senate Judiciary Committee Dems didn’t compromise / Republican hypocrisy
37:27 “Court Packing” or “Court Balancing” to make SCOTUS better reflect the will of the people
44:24 “I’m advocating no longer letting the status quo be used as an excuse to keep certain people down… which is the history of this country.” / Term limits? / “Have respect for your elders…” “I do, I just don’t want them in charge of me.”
48:04 Should further action be taken against Kavanaugh? / Restorative justice
51:05 Rena attended Yale and knows what Kavanaugh’s frat is like /// END
51:29 Movie Review: Winston Cook-Wilson on ‘The Old Man & The Gun’
52:51 Movie Chat: Winston Cook-Wilson + J. McVay (spoiler alert)
74:27 “Old Hair Mine” (BTR Live Studio, 2018) Spooky Cool
79:40 Outro / Credits
80:27 Finish.

This week, J is joined today by contributors Rena Karefa-Johnson and Matt Ruby to discuss the latest developments in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. They also delve into the imbalance of power in the Senate and SCOTUS toward the politics held by the minority of the people.

Later in the episode, Winston Cook-Wilson and J discuss the recently released movie, The Old Man & the Gun, directed by David Lowery and starring Robert Redford and Sissy Spacek.

And we have an exclusive early listen to a performance by a band from Richmond, Virginia, called Spooky Cool from their upcoming BTR Live Studio session.

Music composed by and show edited by Hansdale Hsu.

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