Ep 77 // Big aLICe Brewing Co. / ‘All About Nina’

Premiere DateSep 28, 2018
00:00 Intro
01:08 START /// Bryan Bruchman interviews Kyle Hurst about Big aLICe Brewing Co.
03:21 Brewery size and scaling
04:29 CSA-style brewery (“the original CSB”) / Long Island City breweries
06:18 Why Long Island City?
07:02 Naming the brewery / branding
10:38 Source materials + NY’s farm brewing law
15:20 New York hops / beer trends / Why are IPAs so popular?
20:10 Tasting: Fistful of Rubies
23:05 The explosion of beer culture
25:00 Untapped and other beer review apps
28:14 Homebrewing to professional brewing
29:28 Deciding what to brew when
34:52 Lack of space in NYC vs. elsewhere
36:48 Tasting: Queensbridge IPA / beer labels, bottling style, etc.
41:50 News: new 2nd location coming soon /// END
43:24 1st Person: Michele // On Gaining Independence
47:15 Movie Review: Jacqueline Soller on ‘All About Nina’
48:50 Movie Chat: Jacqueline Soller + J. McVay (spoiler alert)
69:11 Molly Knefel // A Year Of #MeToo
71:26 "Cold Shoulder" (BTR Live Studio, 2018) A Deer A Horse
75:10 Outro / Credits
75:59 Finish.

This week, we’ll hear a conversation between contributor Bryan Bruchman and guest Kyle Hurst, one of the founders of BIG aLICe BREWING Co. — a brewery in Long Island City, NY, with a unique approach to how it brews and sells beer.

Later in the episode, Jacqueline Soller and J. McVay discuss the newly released movie, All About Nina, directed by Eva Vives and starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Common.

We’ll hear a 1st person story from Michele about how he gained his independence by working summers as a teenage.

We’ll also hear from Radio Dispatch’s Molly Knefel with her reflections on the first year of the Me Too movement and whether we may be standing on the edge of a world in which hurting women may finally be a dealbreaker.

And we’ll take an exclusive early listen to a performance by Brooklyn band A Deer A Horse from their upcoming BTR Live Studio session.

Music composed by and show edited by Hansdale Hsu.

Host J. McVay
J grew up down in Louisiana and Texas before moving to NYC for college. After college, he decided to stick around, working in film and television production for well over a decade. He came to BTR in 2011 when he…
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