Ep 56 // Tribeca Film Festival 2018, part 1 / ‘Tully’

Premiere DateMay 4, 2018
00:00 Intro
01:16 START /// Our favorite films at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival
03:23 Charles Hinshaw on ‘Love, Gilda’
06:06 Jacqueline Soller on ‘In A Relationship’
06:30 /// spoiler alert for ‘In A Relationship’ ///
07:04 J. McVay on ‘Jellyfish’
08:31 Charles on ‘Virgins’
10:18 Jacqueline on ‘Little Woods’
11:47 J. McVay on ‘Diane’
15:00 Charles on ‘When She Runs’
17:02 Jacqueline on ‘The Party’s Just Beginning’
18:39 J. McVay on ‘House Two’
20:49 Charles on ‘The Feeling Of Being Watched’
24:44 Jacqueline on the animated shorts program
27:27 J. McVay on ‘State Like Sleep’
29:05 Charles on ‘Slut In A Good Way’
31:52 Jacqueline on ‘Tully’
32:29 J. McVay on ‘We The Animals’
33:24 J. McVay on ‘Blowin’ Up’
34:06 J. McVay on ‘Jonathan’
34:49 Jacqueline’s Honorable Mention: ‘Untogether’
36:04 J. McVay’s Hon. Mentions: ‘Charm City’ + ‘The Fourth Estate’ + ‘Duck Butter’ + Disobedience’ + ‘Tully’ + ‘Lemonade’ + ‘Stockholm’
37:07 Parting thoughts /// END
38:34 1st Person: Ed // Surprising His Wife
42:06 Movie Review: ‘Tully’ w/ Jacqueline Soller
43:42 Movie Chat: ‘Tully’ (spoiler alert)
56:14 John Knefel // Journalists Against Truth Tellers
58:17 "Exquisite" (BTR Live Studio, 2018) Holly Miranda
62:29 Outro / Credits
63:18 Finish.

Jacqueline Soller, Charles Hinshaw, and J. McVay all attended the recently concluded 2018 Tribeca Film Festival and share which films they enjoyed the most.

Animated Shorts Program // curated by Whoopi Goldberg
Blowin’ Up // directed by Stephanie Wang-Breal
Charm City // directed by Marilyn Ness
Diane // directed by Kent Jones
Disobedience // directed by Sebastián Lelio
Duck Butter // directed by Miguel Arteta
The Feeling Of Being Watched // directed by Assia Boundaoui
The Fourth Estate // directed by Liz Garbus
House Two // directed by Michael Epstein
In A Relationship // directed by Sam Boyd
Jellyfish // directed by James Gardner
Jonathan // directed by Bill Oliver
Lemonade // directed by Ioana Uricaru
Little Woods // directed by Nia DaCosta
Love, Gilda // directed by Lisa Dapolito
The Party’s Just Beginning // directed by Karen Gillan
Slut In A Good Way // directed by
State Like Sleep // directed by Meredith Danluck
Stockholm // directed by Robert Budreau
Tully // directed by Jason Reitman
Untogether // directed by Sophie Lorain
Virgins // directed by Keren Ben Rafael
We The Animals // directed by Jeremiah Zagar
When She Runs // directed by Robert Machoian & Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck

Jacqueline Soller and J. McVay also discuss the newly released movie, Tully, directed by Jason Reitman, written by Diablo Cody, and starring Charlize Theron and Mackenzie Davis. Along the way, we’ll also hear from Radio Dispatch’s John Knefel about reaction to comedian Michelle Wolf’s performance at the most recent White House Correspondents Dinner; we’ll hear from a man named Ed about a time he surprised his wife; and we’ll hear an exclusive sneak preview from an upcoming BTR Live Studio session featuring Holly Miranda.

Music composed by and show edited by Hansdale Hsu.

Host J. McVay
J grew up down in Louisiana and Texas before moving to NYC for college. After college, he decided to stick around, working in film and television production for well over a decade. He came to BTR in 2011 when he…