Ep 52 // MISINFO w/ Matt and Rex / ‘Unsane’

Premiere DateApr 6, 2018
00:00 Intro
01:17 START /// MISINFO w/ Matt Ruby & Rex Sorgatz
01:46 White nationalism in America
08:06 Tulip mania / money / cryptocurrencies / blockchain
18:16 Evolving feelings on institutions / death of local media
23:32 Facebook & Cambridge Analytica
27:58 Comedy & crossing lines
36:45 Aziz Ansari / Louis CK (working on a book?)
41:05 Artists and authenticity: Milli Vanilli vs. David Bowie
43:43 1st Person: Kirby // Finding Her Identity
48:15 Movie Review: ‘Unsane’ w/ Jacqueline Soller
50:25 Movie Chat: ‘Unsane’ (spoiler alert)
63:52 Molly Knefel // Adult Reactions To Parkland Teens
67:04 Outro / Credits
67:54 Finish.

This week, contributor Matt Ruby and guest Rex Sorgatz, author of The Encyclopedia of Misinformation, return to analyze misinformation they identify in recent events and culture. We’re also joined by contributor Jacqueline Soller to discuss the recently released movie, Unsane. Along the way, we’ll also hear from Radio Dispatch’s Molly Knefel with her thoughts on the ways in which adults are reacting to the teen activists from Parkland, Florida and we’ll hear from a person named Kirby, who told us about her path to finding her identity.

Music composed by and show edited by Hansdale Hsu.

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