Ep 187 // Election Rundown: Record Turnout, Misleading Polls, & Prospects of a Divided Government

Premiere DateNov 6, 2020
00:00 Intro
00:55 START /// Election Roundup
02:45 The coverage we’ve been following
05:55 Record turnout
09:10 1st time Trump voters
15:48 Misleading polls
29:15 Texas and other state governments didn’t flip as hoped / redistricting
33:55 The Senate / prospect of a divided government
44:50 Biden would offer baseline relief to vulnerable people targeted by Trump
51:55 Media’s response to Trump’s lying and subversion of electoral process
55:45 “Stop the count” or “count the vote?”
57:25 Progressive propositions win across the country (incl. red states)
65:10 Biggest surprises / final thoughts /// END
72:30 “I Can Go With You,” (BTR Live Studio, 2020) Sam Burton
76:50 “Morning Sun” (BTR Live Studio, 2020) Ganga Lee
80:30 Outro/credits
81:18 Finish.

J. McVay and Joe Virgillito review what’s known so far about the results of the election.

And we also hear live performances from Sam Burton and Ganga Lee, both recorded exclusively for BTRtoday.

Episode Credits:

  • Producer/Host: J. McVay
  • Associate Producer: Joe Virgillito
  • Composer/Editor: Hansdale Hsu

Host J. McVay
J grew up down in Louisiana and Texas before moving to NYC for college. After college, he decided to stick around, working in film and television production for well over a decade. He came to BTR in 2011 when he…
Reg. Contributors Joe Virgillito