Ep 156 // Matt Ruby on COVID-19 / ‘Swallow’

Premiere DateApr 3, 2020
00:00 Intro
01:07 START /// Matt Ruby on COVID19 w/ J. McVay
01:23 How have you been dealing with this?
04:55 Biggest change to routine / “Kimonews”
07:50 Silent meditation retreat as prep for current isolation
09:49 Thoughts on technology in light of social distancing vs. previous criticisms
12:10 Thoughts on how people more generally are handling this
15:45 Reexamining socialism, Medicare for All, and Bernier Sanders’ campaign in light of the crisis
24:18 What person, during all this, has been the most impressive? Most disappointing?
33:45 How long do you think it will be before things get back to normal, if they really ever do?
40:15 If everything was suddenly fixed and back to how it was in 2 weeks, what’s the very first thing you'd do?
40:50 “All this” and other “soft” euphemisms for the crisis / wrapping up /// END
42:42 1st Person: Andrea // Studying Photography
46:27 Movie Review: Jacqueline Soller on ‘Swallow’
48:14 Movie Chat w/ Jacqueline Soller & J. McVay (Spoiler Alert)
61:21 “Arise" (BTR Live Studio, 2020) Workman Song
66:51 Outro / Credits
67:41 Finish.

Contributor Matt Ruby joins us to share his thoughts and experiences during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Later in the episode, Jacqueline Soller and I will discuss the new movie, ‘Swallow,’ directed by Carlo Mirabella-Davis and starring Haley Bennett — available now from IFC Films.

And we’ll take an exclusive early listen to a performance by New York musician Workman Song, from their upcoming BTR Live Studio session.

Music composed by and show edited by Hansdale Hsu.

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