Ep 130 // Meet BTR: Maia Macdonald / ‘Pain and Glory’

Premiere DateOct 4, 2019
00:00 Intro
01:11 START /// Meet BTR: Maia Macdonald
01:35 About her new show, ‘Mutual Core’
03:29 Getting burned out on music when you work in music
04:47 ‘Mutual Core’ features music from anywhere in the world -- where’s the furthest place so far?
05:29 Maia’s been working on ‘BTR Live Studio’ since 2006 / what makes an episode memorable?
08:18 Signs that someone might be hard to interview
10:06 What led Maia to BTR and interviewing musicians?
12:51 Early musical memories
16:54 Maia’s musical projects and identities
21:38 Maia’s musical inspirations
22:34 Recent and upcoming releases
24:30 Thoughts on the concept of “albums”
26:50 Plugs / wrapping up /// END
31:08 “Skeleton Time” Maia Macdonald
35:35 1st Person: Vincent // Recovering From A Devastating Breakup
40:41 Movie Review: Jacqueline Soller on ‘Pain and Glory’
41:37 Movie Chat w/ Jacqueline Soller & J. McVay (Spoiler Alert)
54:29 “Free of the Feeling” (BTR Live Studio, 2019) Jesca Hoop
59:42 Outro / Credits
60:31 Finish.

J. McVay is joined by guest Maia Macdonald, a longtime producer and host for BTR, as we begin a new recurring series of segments in which we meet the people behind what we do here at BTRtoday.

Later in the episode, Jacqueline Soller and J. McVay discuss the new movie, ‘Pain and Glory,’ directed by Pedro Almodóvar and starring Antonio Banderas — out now from Sony Pictures Classics.

And we’ll take an exclusive early listen to a performance by musician Jesca Hoop, from their upcoming BTR Live Studio session.

Music composed by and show edited by Hansdale Hsu.

Maia Macdonald / illustration by Bryan Bruchman

Maia Macdonald / illustration by Bryan Bruchman


Host J. McVay
J grew up down in Louisiana and Texas before moving to NYC for college. After college, he decided to stick around, working in film and television production for well over a decade. He came to BTR in 2011 when he…
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