Week of 05/15/17

Premiere DateMay 15, 2017
Categories Indie Music
00:00 DJ Emily
01:24 Slow Burn Eric Slick
06:25 Elevator Lou Canon
09:53 Lovers Are A Dying Breed Juveniles
14:01 Morningtime Pinegrove
18:47 The Let Go Sam Rae
22:35 DJ Emily
23:00 Fragile The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer
26:46 Moment Timber Timbre
32:27 Equal Powers Violents and Monica Martin
35:56 Heavy Lunch Deep State
39:23 DJ Emily
40:18 I Dreamt The Black Angels
44:40 Finish

Someone’s taking the number one spot for the second week in a row!

The Black Angels

Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer - Apocalipstick

Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer – Apocalipstick

Eric Slick - Palisades

Eric Slick – Palisades

As a kid, Emily Smith could often be found in her bedroom recording radio shows. She obsessively recorded songs off the radio onto cassettes and mixed them together on a dual player. She was in love with…