Artist of the Week: Merce Lemon

Premiere DateSep 12, 2020
Categories Indie Music
00:00 Emily
01:10 I Don't Belong Fontaines D.C.
04:29 Pastime Samantha Crain
07:52 Weight of that Weekend Land of Talk
11:35 Cliche Bebel Gilberto
15:00 Eddie Busty and the Bass
19:01 Emily
19:47 Anne In Strange Furs Alex Izenberg
23:12 Bloody Boxer Will Johnson
25:20 Old Flowers Courtney Marie Andrews
29:00 The Push and the Pull Allegra Krieger
32:21 Emily
33:26 Dragon Friends Merce Lemon
35:57 Finish

Merce Lemon takes the stop spot in this week’s BTR Top 10! Her new album, Moonth, is available now from Crafted Sounds/Darling.

Debuting on the countdown this week are Samantha Crain, Busty and the Base, Bebel Gilberto, and Land of Talk.

Here’s the full list:

1. MERCE LEMON, Moonth (Crafted Sound/Darling)
2. ALLEGRA KRIEGER,  The Joys Of Forgetting (Northern Spy Records)
3. COURTNEY MARIE ANDREWS, Old Flowers (Fat Possum)
4. WILL JOHNSON, El Capitán (Keeled Scales)
5. ALEX IZENBERG, Caravan Château (Domino)
6. BUSTY AND THE BASS, Eddie (Arts & Crafts)
8. LAND OF TALK, Indistinct Conversations (Saddle Creek)
9. SAMANTHA CRAIN, A Small Death (Ramseur)
10. FONTAINES DC, A Hero’s Death (Partisan)

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