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Premiere DateJul 1, 2012
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00:00 BTR Sports with Sam, Kory and Kristy
20:38 Youth Lagoon – July
25:10 BTR Sports with Sam, Kory and Kristy
40:10 The Shins – Girl Sailor
43:46 BTR Sports with Sam, Kory and Kristy
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BTR Sports with Sam, Kory and Kristy is a sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week we look back at the two semi-finals from the European Championships, discuss danger in sailing and what it means to be a winner and have a winning mentality.

We will be graced with two tournaments at Wimbledon this year as the Olympic tennis tournament will also take place at the All England Club. Now we also know why Rolex watches are all over the court.

Youth Lagoon

Would a greater element of danger make sailing more appealing to casual sports fans?

The Shins

Upon further review, Cal Ripken, Jr. did win one World Series with the Orioles in 1983; however he is far better known for his individual accomplishment of breaking Lou Gehrig’s record of consecutive games played in 1995.