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Premiere DateDec 18, 2011
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20:32 GBG Belongs to Us Air France
23:32 BTR Sports with Sam, Kory and Kristy
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BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Conspiracy Week we take a look at the BCS and its unjust rule over College Football and College Sports in general, as well as look at the Jerry Sandusky trial and mull over the current events of the past week in the sports world.

National League MVP Ryan Braun has tested positive for a performance enhance substance.

Air France

Nicolas Anelka (blue jersey) will head to China to finish his playing career. Will others follow suit?

Real Estate

For too long College Football has been dominated by the big conferences and big schools.