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Premiere DateAug 28, 2011
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21:15 BTR Sports with Sam, Kory and Kristy
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BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a new sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Melting Pot Week we take a look at the recent Georgetown basketball brawl in Beijing, debate FIFA’s decision to ban the Iranian women’s soccer team and discuss how sports can encourage and aid multiculturalism.

Here are the links to both Kory’s article and Kristy’s sister’s toe-wrestling story:

Ugly scenes at the exhibition game between Georgetown and hosts Bayi.


The Iranian women’s soccer team was barred from qualifying for the 2012 London Olympics due to their attire.

Pepper Rabbit

Good sportsmanship has been a hallmark of The Little League World Series.