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Premiere DateAug 14, 2011
Categories Media Talk
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01:50 BTR Sports with Sam, Kory and Annie
19:29 Foster the People Pumped Up Kicks (MNDR 4-Track Remix)
23:04 BTR Sports with Sam, Kory and Annie
39:45 Handsome Furs Sing! Captain
43:25 BTR Sports with Sam, Kory and Annie
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BTR Sports with Sam and Kory is a new sports show focusing on more than just the results and Brett Favre. Each week we take an in-depth look at a topic from the world of sport from a broader, cultural angle. This week for Leadership week we start at the top and talk a little politics, take a look at the riots in London and what that might mean for the 2012 Olympics in London, plus talk about what makes a great captain in sports and hear about Kory’s experiences as a captain growing up.

Scary scenes in London led to the cancellation of two soccer games this past week, what will it mean for the 2012 Olympics?

Foster the People: now playing on Kory’s iPod.

Player-Umpire relations in MLB came to a boil with this incident involving Cardinals catches Yadier Molina, how much should players be able to criticize officials?

Handsome Furs

Just how important is wearing the ‘C’ in sports? And what does it mean to be a great leader?