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Premiere DateMar 30, 2014
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00:00 BTR Sports Intro – Kory French
01:47 “Suffering” – The War On Drugs
05:55 BTR Sports Part 1
20:42 “Red Eyes” – The War On Drugs
25:25 BTR Sports Part 2
30:30 “The Haunting Idle” – The War On Drugs
33:36 BTR Sports Part 3
53:35 “Under The Pressure” – The War On Drugs
59:00 Finish

It was a very strange week at BTR Sports. Recorded from Kory’s kitchen, Sam is just back from Ireland, Kristy is an hour late, and Kory records the show with a high fever. Nevertheless, the team charges on discussing everything from the sporting scene in Ireland, the upcoming Sweet 16, why the world loves to see Duke lose, and the Northwestern case for Student Athletes to unionize as employees. Finally, it being Start-Up Week at BreakThru, we take a look at some of the top sports-related Start-Up companies.

Norhtwestern QB Kain Colter

Roddy White of Duke loses to Mercer

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