Freedom on the 4th!

Premiere DateJul 4, 2018
Categories Music Reggae World
00:00 DJ Drew Intro
02:30 Truth & Rights (feat. Nicole Miller) Micha Shemaiah
06:18 My Rights (feat. Fiji) The Green
09:36 Free Chant African Head Charge
13:07 Freedom (feat. Know-Madik) Dirty Heads
16:52 Dub’n it with DJ Drew
17:55 Heavy Breath Freedom Fighters
21:28 One Meditation Freedom Fighters
28:47 Free (Feat. Natty Jean) Danakil
34:46 Le Dub en liberté Danakil
40:44 Dub’n it with DJ Drew
41:31 Liberdade Pra Dentro da Cabeça (live) Natiruts
45:27 I’m Free Païaka
50:02 Slave Get Free Moonraisers
55:01 DJ Drew Outro
56:54 Freefalling Hollie Cook
60:31 Finish

Happy 4th of July to my reggae loving patriots!  Some tunes on freedom as well as double shot tribute to freedom and independence!

Micah Shemiah

Hollie Cook

Host Drew
The two Rs: Radio and Reggae. That's what started it all for Drew. Before he was doing it professionally, he was filling his personal record collection with every piece of dub vinyl he could get his hands on.…